How it Works

Always have sharp knives!

Plans range from a single Chef's knife to a Five Piece set. The frequency of delivery can be every 4, 6, or 12 months. There are two subsets of plans, Exchange and Rotation.

With all plans, your first shipment will include brand new knives in the original Victorinox packaging. To keep prices low and eliminate unnecessary packaging, new paring knives may be sent as half of a two-piece that was cut down the middle.

Every plan has a start-up fee which is less than Victorinox's suggested retail price. The first monthly payment is also due when a subscription is created.

All knives should be thoroughly cleaned by the customer before use.


Knives are sharp! Honed for Home, LLC, its owners, affiliates, agents, etc. are not responsible or liable for injuries or damages occurred while using this service and its products.