Food is the best medicine.

Because the food you eat has a significant effect on your overall health.

If you eat good food, you feel good.

If you eat bad food, you feel bad.

It’s as simple as that.

Eating right starts with choosing the right ingredients...

And the right tools.

There is a world of difference between a cheap, dull knife and a high quality, professionally sharpened knife.

Not just in how efficiently they work (seriously, once you try a pro-sharpened knife you will never go back), but in how safe they are.

A sharpened knife doesn’t just mean it’s easier to prepare food, it means it’s safer. Contrary to what most people think, a dull knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one. The blade of a good knife immediately begins to cut into what it’s pressed against (your food).

A dull knife? It’s not sharp enough to cut and can easily slip and cut its user. Combine that with the fact that dull knives require more force, and you have a recipe for disaster.

That’s our mission here at Honed for Home. To provide you with the tools you need to safely prepare the best food you can, food that feeds your body and your soul.  

About the Founder


My name is Nate Kruse. My life has been defined by lessons imparted to me by my grandfather.

Serve others. First and foremost.

My grandfather started his own business, not out of pursuit for money, but because it was something his community desperately needed. Today, because it was built on a foundation of service, it’s still in existence and operated by my family.

This philosophy extends well beyond business. To everyday life.

In 2011 I moved from my hometown to Colorado so I could attend the United States Air Force Academy. I wanted to serve.

Unfortunately, in my junior year, I developed a medical condition that wrecked my chances to make it as an Air Force Pilot.

While I was able to graduate from the Academy on time, despite a number of surgeries and hospitalizations, I was required to complete a medical evaluation board to determine if I was medically fit to be commissioned.

After a grueling year of evaluation, I was medically retired from the Air Force. I wouldn’t serve in the way I had imagined.

But I was still devoted to serving. One way or another.

I moved to North Carolina to work as an aerospace engineer. Shortly after arriving, I volunteered for the local fire department. Because no matter our community or how busy we are, we have a duty to help and provide for others.

Today, I carry that philosophy into Honed for Home. To help and serve you, however I can.