Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy 

You may decide to cancel the service at any time.

The start-up fee allows you to keep one set of knives when you cancel. If you have two sets when you cancel, return the set of your choosing and a refund of your monthly payments since the last shipment of knives you accepted will be given. If you keep a set of knives, the start-up cost will not be refunded.

For example if you are on a six month delivery cycle and decide to cancel during the 11th month of your subscription, you may keep the knives you currently have. The five monthly payments since your 6-month delivery will be refunded.

If you are truly displeased with the knives and don't want to keep them, let us know, and we will send you materials to return any knives you might have. We will issue a refund of the start-up cost and the monthly payments since the last shipment of knives that you accepted.

For example if you were on a 12 month delivery cycle and decided to cancel during your 35th month. You could return all of the knives you have for a refund of your initial start-up cost and the 11 monthly payments since you accepted your 24 month delivery.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are not pleased with our service, please let us know how we could adapt to meet your expectations.