Local Sharpening near Havelock, North Carolina

Sharpening knife on KNECHT USK 160 S sharpening system.

Make cooking fun again! Bring back your knives' former glory with a freshly sharpened edge. Gracefully cut, slice, chop, and dice while having more control over your knives.

A sharp knife is a safe knife. Sharp knives are less likely to slip than dull knives and require less force. Sharp knives are easier to control so your hands will have fewer run-ins with the business end of your knives. Since sharp knives are made to cut efficiently, they still need to be handled with care. Try having your knives sharpened by Honed for Home. You won't want to use a dull knife ever again.

Honed for Home sharpens your knives on the KNECHT USK 160 S. This system is a belt grinder specifically designed for sharpening knives. It features a built in water pump to cool the blades, preventing heat build-up from changing the chemical composition of the steel.

In addition to our subscription plans, Honed for Home can sharpen the knives you already own!

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Default Title Plain-edged knife sharpening 6"-12" $5.99
Default Title Plain-edged knife sharpening up to 6" $3.99
Default Title Serrated-edged knife sharpening $7.99
Default Title Plain-edge folding knife sharpening $3.99
Default Title Partially serrated-edge folding knife sharpening $6.99