You deserve to cook with sharp knives.

Victorinox chef's knife on a cutting board with a sliced squash.

We get it. You're busy.

You go to work, you take care of the kids, you clean, you pay the bills, you exercise, and you try to make healthy choices for you and your family.

With all the busyness of your everyday life, that drive-thru on the way back from soccer practice sure seems tempting.

Make cooking meals at home more enjoyable by always using a sharp knife.

Dull knives are frustrating. They rip up delicate foods and require excessive force when cutting dense foods like carrots and potatoes.

Dull knives can also be dangerous! A dull knife is prone to slip, especially when cutting on a curved object. If you are not a careful, the knife can slip right onto your fingers. Ouch!

Also, since dull knives require more force than sharp knives, a dull knife is likely to make a deeper injury than a sharp one.

Sharp knives help to bring out the joy of cooking. Cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing. A sharp knife makes it nearly effortless.

You will be looking for excuses to cut food just to use your sharp knives from Honed for Home.

High-Quality Knives for High-Quality Home Chefs

Honed for Home proudly offers Victorinox brand knives. Established in 1884, Victorinox became famous for the Swiss Army Knife which it started producing in 1897.

Today Victorinox continues its legacy of quality in the Fibrox® Pro series of knives. These knives were designed for professionals. They hold a great cutting edge, fit well in the hand, and are durable and easy to care for. They can even survive the dishwasher.

Plans to fit your needs

Honed for Home offers plans that suit the way that you cook. Starting with a single chef's knife and ranging all the way to a five piece set, consisting of a chef's knife, bread knife, boning knife, paring knife, and kitchen shears.

Each plan is available to be delivered every 4, 6, or 12 months.

Plans are broken up into Exchange or Rotation options. The Exchange plan is good for those that want to save a few bucks and are willing to exchange the knives they have with ones from our collection for Exchange users.

The Rotation plan is for those that are more protective of their knives. With this plan you get a second new set of knives at your second delivery and you rotate which knives you send to us for sharpening.

The How it Works page for more information, presented in a graphical style.


Money back guarantee!

If you aren't completely satisfied with your experience, Honed for Home will give you your money back. See our refund policy for more information.

Never go back to dull knives again

Start your Honed for Home subscription today. You have nothing to lose except the frustration you feel over your dull knives. With everything that you do, you deserve to be cooking with sharp knives.